Switching Locations

As we prepare for next year, we are looking at moving the blog site to a new location. The hope is that we have ONE place where you can get all of your information on Forest Green. This will not only be a blog, but it will also be a website, community page, and place for student learning. This is something that is very new to us, but if you want to watch the development of it as it progresses, please feel free.

We would like to create a place where Forest Green parents can also communicate with one another as well, along with the school. The goal is to have ALL school blogs hosted within this one area.

If you are wanting to watch the development of this page, it is located here:


One thought on “Switching Locations

  1. I think that this idea is a good idea because its kind of a hassle to go from blog to blog all the time when we are trying to find out information at home so I think that this new blog is a good idea

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