Forest Green’s Running Adventure

Ms. Mahan and her grade 5/6 classroom recently started a running challenge this month to promote healthy lifestyles.  In the front display case, they are celebrating the athletes of our school.  It is looking great and the kids are really working hard to see their progress for this initiative.

If you want to see how far the students are running, Ms. Mahan and her class have created a Google Map displaying how far the students are going.  Great job Ms. Mahan’s class!

2 thoughts on “Forest Green’s Running Adventure

  1. What a great idea!! My kids look forward to running and collecting their sticks each day. And we are enjoying following their progress on the map! Thank you for the visual it makes it fun for parents too.

  2. Can you believe that the grade 2/3 class ran to Saskatchewan? Run for fun really is fun. Thank you Miss Mahan.

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