The kids had SUCH a great time at the Hip-Hop dancing today and we really enjoyed the positive message that 3rd Street Beats brought with us during their dance routine.  Sometimes “hip-hop” gets a negative image from media, but this week showed us about working together, exercising, and respecting the abilities of others.

It is amazing how quickly the students picked up the dance during this experience.  It shows that if students are engaged in their activity and find it relevant to their lives and surroundings, how much they will really enjoy it.

I was so happy to see how many happy parents were at the show and moving with the kids!  The kids will always think of their “dance” when they hear the song.

I also wanted to say a special thanks to Carlos and 3rd Street Beats!  They did such a great job with the kids and they stayed after to sign autographs to kids who just thought they were amazing.  It was a great week and we hope that we can get them to the show again!