Hip Hop Dance Class

We are so lucky to have 3rd Street Beat with us this week working with all of the students on some dance.  I have never seen students so engaged and their instructor Carlo is amazing with the students.  What a great way to promote the arts within the school by having a passionate performer share his knowledge with the students.

On Friday, May 7 at 1pm, the students will have the opportunity to showcase some of their moves, followed by a  performance done by 3rd Street Beats.  I personally am so excited to see the kids showcase what they have learned in a way that they are truly engaged.

What I have loved most about the week, is that every time a staff member is in the gym, they are also taking part in the dance with the kids.  Not for something “just to do”, but because it is fun, relevant, and a great way to exercise.  I remember dreading dance class as a student in my elementary school but am finding myself envious of the opportunity these students are getting right now.

Looking forward to Friday!