Choral Celebration

Choral CelebrationNothing fills the spirit like song, especially when that song comes from such a gifted group as the Forest Green choir.  Today at Parkland’s Choral Celebration, the Forest Green choir started off the day with the “Choral Celebration Song”, displaying their leadership to the whole division.  Later they did their own song which was so well received by a HUGE audience.  I was very proud of our group, and am especially appreciative of the time our music teacher and accompanist put into this endeavour.  Thanks to all of the students, staff, and volunteers that took part to make this a successful day for our school!

2 thoughts on “Choral Celebration

  1. Amen!! It was a great morning, and the kids did a fabulous job. It was a fast song, with tricky lyrics, and they pulled it off!

  2. I love the song we did and fo rthe kids who didn’t know the song we did it was Consider Yourself!!! I loved Choral Celebration and when all the kids got to go to Boston Pizza!!

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